Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The USB drive has complete results of several years of work of his and Harry and the gift to humanity which could change the course of history. Harry disappeared two days ago and Frank received USB by mail today. He realized what was there without even putting it in computer.
Harry first started to develop the product while working as an engineer in AH Electric a large energy company owned by his older brother Allan and in a small part by him. AH Electric specialization was developing and producing electric generators and Harry was a head of R&D unit for the last 15 years. The company was making money and their products sold around the world. Allan didn’t care what Harry is working on as long as Harry stayed out of the marketing, finances, PR and all other aspects of running the company. At this point Allan thought that Harry already did everything that Allan could possibly use. Harry developed all best selling AH generators.
Harry was a blissful man. He was happy to go home and elated to go to work. He had a lovely family, teacher wife and two kids in high and middle school. His house in Philly suburbs looked so picturesque that could be a model for Kinkaid painting. He loved his work and happily delegated all management responsibilities to Allan. His R&D unit with several really gifted engineers was the workplace which any talented person can dream about.

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