Saturday, April 25, 2009

And now back to Werner’s brothers….

Allan was born before WWII. He was polite and quiet young boy. Good but not a great student. His leadership qualities became more apparent in high school. By the time he was an engineering student in University of Pennsylvania everybody knew that the young man headed for great corporate career. He was a good engineer, but more importantly understood how to work with people, how to turn any situation to his advantage. Early in his youth he learned to calculate every move several steps ahead. As a result he graduated as a president of his class and his connections from college were bearing fruits throughout his career. He was the pride of the family. Father who never had a chance at higher education was thrilled and openly bragged to his neighbors about Allan.

Herman spent most of his teen years assembling crystal radios and playing with an Erector set. He was just three years younger then Allan and looked up to him, but at the same time he could never figure out how his somewhat mediocre older brother (at least compare with him) was going thru life with such ease and was loved by people without giving much back to anybody. He followed his steps to engineering department in University of Pennsylvania.

Frank was much younger and a very different boy…

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