Friday, May 1, 2009

Early Seventies. California. Frank just graduated Berkley University with engineering degree and got hired by division of Sony Corporation in San Francisco. His first day on the job was a dramatic introduction to corporate world. After an impulse to quit right away he decided to make an effort to fit in, since the other alternative was to go back home. He stayed. After a few months he realized that one more day in his office and he could get violent. He saved a little money and it allowed him to buy a motorcycle. That weekend he left SF and rode his motorcycle down Highway 1, following the Pacific coast.
He went to study on the other coast because as teenager he got so sick of his family presenting Allan to him as an example of all possible virtues that going as far as possible from home became a priority. Berkley was such a gust of freedom and warmth after stuffy and traditional environment he grew up, that Frank thought he could stay there forever, but few years later he graduated and come face to face with real life…

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