Saturday, July 10, 2010

This is not a food blog

I love food, I love to eat and I like to cook. I even have not so secret dream of opening a bakery. Recently I realized that I don’t necessary like to read about food. May be this is just an oversaturation of food blogs, extensive dining and food sections in newspapers and magazines, cooking shows, diet fascination, and eating disorders. It feels like the normal interest to the basic human need became an obsession. The realization that we are society without traditional food and eating culture drives us to compensate with madness. May be this is a temporary fad and it will go away after more people will start feeling this way?
This is not a way to create a culture. The culture comes from tradition, tradition comes from family. Young people I know who cook and eat well are not the one who read food blogs and watch 24/7 food network. These are kids who come from families which managed to preserve food culture. There are several attributes which characterize such families. They eat what they cook (not prepared food), they often cook what their mothers cook and they eat at least one meal at home together every day.
How to get there from where we are now? I don’t know. I will think more about this. But current media obsession leads to eating disorder not to tradition and culture.
Sorry no pictures today.

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  1. Not necessary. I’m even not sure that food media obsession related to eating disorder. Commercials related to fast food – probably yes. Food network and other media – I don’t know. Modern life style probably related to eating disorder because modern woman might not have enough time to make home-made dinners and not enough money to hire house-keeper. Men in general love to cook and make it perfect – but more occasionally than as a daily routine. I do agree that food culture comes from family. Can we make the reverse move in modern life style – not sure. Too sad.