Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm back!

Today is exactly 10 weeks since I broke my foot. And even though I spent a lot of time sitting on the couch, this is my first blog entry since then. I finally understood why I didn’t write anything. Sitting on the couch and being isolated creates a huge luck of data input. The internal storage has plenty of data, but because I’m somewhat depressed that data doesn’t look that hot. Today was a bit of a break- through initiated by Patrick’s friend food blog. She is a good writer, not like me. I think she is Harvard educated. Definitely more prestigious and may be even better school than Tashkent State University. She has a nice food blog with lovely description of her experience preparing pies and muffins and bread. But there was something wrong. May be the entries were too long for the genre, or the ratios of text and pictures was not to my liking. I for sure like texts with a lot more pictures. Here is one at the entrance of Madison Square Park.

And then Alla Pugacheva! My recent experience of going back to old Russian favorite movies and pop music is dismal. The prime example is Russian 80s adaptation of Mary Poppins. Back in Russia I thought it was a lovely film. But couple years ago it was shown on RTN. Wow! What a pitiable amateurish attempt for a musical. It was embarrassing. Especially when you’ve seen an American version. However, yesterday one of my old friends from Tashkent (living in NJ now) posted on facebook a youtube video with Alla. I went to youtube and listened some more. Not all of them are great. But what a relieve! She is real and she is good!


  1. Thanks for the post! I really enjoyed to see old Alla :-)

  2. Sorry you broke your foot- I didn't know. Have to talk and see each other more often.
    BTW, Julia's friend Marianna writes a great food blog:
    Julia also has a semi-scandalous blog on doing fitness classes (gimhopping) for free:
    She also has a fitness blog on Huffpost

  3. So glad you're writing again! I kinda missed that.