Friday, June 3, 2011

Season Opening: Summer

It is the third day of a three day weekend. The grocery shopping, laundry and preparation for dinner are all done. It is hot outside; a heat wave pushed the temperatures up into the low 90s. There are choices to make: to stay inside and enjoy a lazy day under AC reading and internet browsing or venture aimlessly outside and observe early summer in the city.
I decided to get out. Because of my office job I try to use every opportunity to spend time outside. I’m not a big nature lover, but I love city living and urban hiking. I do have several qualms about nature which I built over time to excuse my relative indifference towards it. My main objection to wild nature is that there are no people or any trace of human existence. I understand that real nature lovers find that attractive but in my view it is people and their activities and creations are the most interesting and fascinating things in the world. Unless you believe in God, natural landscapes have no ideas or design behind them and are randomly appointed based on location and weather condition. The beauty of these landscapes is attributed by people who see patterns and color arrangements which please them and give meaning to randomness.
On the other hand, the urban landscapes in their better representations are full of ideas and connect nature with human habitat in creative and fun ways. The human spirit is present in these landscapes even when streets are empty, but of course it is people who really bring city to life. It is all for them.

So let’s take a look what is out there?
Here is the hot afternoon sun illuminate the street as I walk out of the building
and lighting up the top of the tree What a fabulous idea to plant the tree with bright burgundy leaves in front of the grey building!
Because of the heat the streets are empty
but full of human playfulness expressed in lively building colors
details of the doors and porches
sudden lion wall relief and cute flower arrangement next to the basement window
The way people use architecture and set up little urban landscape is thoughtful, delightful and brings a joy if you choose to pause and see

As I reached the 14 St I suddenly realized that I’m not the only crazy one who got out on the heat –there are other people and it looks they are having fun Here what is going on:
The crowd is lively: young, dressed to have fun and embrace the heat:
The local mini fashion show is in full parade with cute sandals
and hats:

and summer dresses:

Completed with a live band
and positive behavioral support staff it is a perfect opening for the Summer in the City show.

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  1. I miss DC!
    Thanks for the lively post, it really brings out the spirit of the city.