Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The first night diner

was very significant. Since we had no idea where we are, we pulled out our tourist books for restaurant recommendation. We both agreed on inexpensive pizza place on the piazza next to piazza Venneto. The piazza Carlo Alberto was featuring grand buildings and the guy on the horse with a sword in the middle, assumingly Carlo Alberto.

The first pizza place we found was on a second floor of one of the grand buildings and it was FABULOUS. Huge ceilings and windows with view on the piazza, with frescos and chandeliers. Rooms separated by doorways decorated with beautiful wood carving and mirrors in gold frames. We arrived at 8 pm and of course were first, since Italians dine much later. The food was as FABULOUS as the setting. I had the best pizza of my life (and I had many good pizzas). It had very unusual topping of smocked mozzarella and radicchio which created the earthy and savory flavor combination. We tried one of the Piedmont best wines Nebbiolo. Of course it turned out that it was not inexpensive pizza place in the tourist book, but a fancy restaurant La Smarrita. It was not all that expensive considering the quality of the food and overall experience.
BTW the next evening we found the place from the tourist book. It had a good pizza and somewhat creative decoration hanging on the ceiling:

Inspired by Alexander Calder?

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